You can connect a Facebook Group to monitor it and schedule your posts from Metricool. To do so, you must administer the group. In other words, you cannot connect a Facebook Group to Metricool just because you belong to it.

After connecting your Group to Metricool, ensure that our app is correctly installed in the Facebook Group you have just connected.

You can check it by logging into the group you manage and follow these steps:

Go into group's settings and click on the pencil icon in the Apps section:

In the pop-up window, click on Add Apps, find the Metricool application and click on Add:

Go back to Metricool and you will see your group connected. Note that Member data can only be known from the moment you connect the group to the tool.

You can learn more about Facebook groups in this tutorial

You can connect either a Facebook Page or Group to each brand. You cannot connect both simultaneously. You need separated brands to connect both.

If you connect a Facebook Group, you cannot connect your Instagram account since all the permissions for Instagram are managed from a Facebook Page.

Ensure that our Metricool app is installed on your Facebook Group so you can schedule and successfully publish your posts from Metricool.
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