To avoid the error “Selected fields are incompatible” on Data Studio; first, you need to be clear about how the metrics and dimensions are organized within the data source of the Metricool Intelligent connector. The fields are mainly divided into four large blocks:

Evolution: Compatible with the "evolution date" dimension and mainly to make time-series charts, such as the analysis of the evolution of followers of any social network. It is also possible to create scorecards with the metrics. Example: Facebook Evolution> Followers

Demographics: This block is only available for Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube and is for creating charts regarding the age, gender, and origin of your audience. Example: Youtube Demographics> Country Followers

Posts: To create lists or tables of your posts with their associated performance metrics. On Instagram or LinkedIn, you will find another block to create tables with your stories. Examples: LinkedIn Posts> Clicks; Instagram Stories> Reach

Competitors: To create a table with your competitors and their associated metrics the same way as on Metricool. Here is a sub-block to create tables with the posts published by all your competitors. Examples: Facebook Competitors> Display name; Fb Competitors Posts> Text

In addition, you can create tables for Facebook Ads at the campaign and ad level.

How to avoid the incompatibility error?

You cannot mix the metrics and dimensions associated with each block: Each field is identified with a root (everything that appears to the left of the ">" symbol). Only metrics and dimensions with the same root can be used in the same chart or table. There is one exception: All the fields in the Evolution block can be combined in the same graph.

If the incompatible data error persists after verifying that the roots match, make sure that there is no filter on a field with a different root.

Each social media platform is structured in a different way, and the blocks may vary depending on the social network. In this link, you can find all the fields available in the Intelligent connector data source
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