Within Facebook Ads section, in the List of Campaigns, you can check the most relevant metrics displayed by default to analyze the impact of each ad campaign. However, you can add more metrics for a deeper analysis .

To access these metrics, click on Columns just above the table on the right. The available metrics will vary depending on the type of campaigns created in the analyzed period.

Among these metrics there are two with similar names that can be confused, here you can see what each one means:

Offsite Custom: It refers to custom conversions: They measure unique activities and optimize your ads for the events most relevant to your business. Rules can be created with existing events.

Custom (xxxxxxxxx) : (Customized with numbers to the right). It refers to custom events. Those actions that are not included in the standard events. They can have a unique name that represents the action being performed.

A custom event will be considered custom conversion, if the user who created the campaign has defined it as such. In other words, this directly depends on the campaign settings made by each user.
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