SmartLinks allow you to create one or more links that open a microsite where you can configure buttons, images, and icons. They will direct your users to the web pages you want or directly to your social networks by clicking on them.

Although you can use it for any social network or website, this feature especially comes in handy for Instagram and TikTok. These platforms don't allow including links in the posts, there is only one clickable link: the link that you configure in the BIO of your profile. Metricool provides you with a link to place on your Instagram and TikTok profile, which opens the page created through SmartLinks.

Please note that for FREE plan accounts you only have access to:

1 link
Unlimited buttons
12 images
4 fixed templates
Editing of profile picture, name and description

The differences between the FREE and premium plans are available here.

You can find this option in the upper menu, next to Planning:

Once in this section, you can see which SmartLink is selected and choose the one you want to edit. In addition, from that same menu, you can create, clone or delete a SmartLink:

With the link you want to edit selected, you will see that there are two sections: Settings and Analytics.



Here you can add or edit the SmartLink name and URL. When editing it, keep in mind that any combination of a-z, 0-9 and hyphens (- and _) is valid as long as it does not start or end with a hyphen, that is, the hyphens must always be between elements , neither at the beginning, nor at the end. Remember that this link must be installed in the BIO of your Instagram account.


Below, you have the possibility to add or edit buttons: you can modify the name of the button, the color of the text, background and border (if you choose the outline style for the buttons in the appearance section), add the destination link, disable or clone the button. Once created, you can drag buttons to change the order. You can also separate the buttons with headers and add icons to direct users directly to your social networks.


In this section, you can include multimedia files to make them clickable to drive users to the web you want, the same way you can do it with the buttons. You can add photos and videos from your Instagram account or directly from the computer. Once uploaded, it also allows you to drag them to change the order.


Here you choose the design of your SmartLink, either using the themes or manually changing each aspect: header, text colors, background, button style, number and separation of columns, appearance of the images or select a header image.

You can see all the changes you make in real time in the preview on the right. If you prefer to see how it will look in the browser, you can click on the "View Live" button (this button is only enabled when the SmartLink is already created and published):


In this section, you can see the performance of your SmartLink and know the visits it has had, in addition to the total number of clicks on the buttons and images:

If you scroll down you have the detail by button and images / videos.


When you schedule a new post for any social network, you can include it to the SmartLink you want. Add the link you want your users to land and select the Smartlink. When the post is published, it will be automatically added to the SmartLink that you have previously selected .

SmartLinks allow you to add multiple links from a single link that you can add to your link in bio on Instagram, TikTok, or any social network or web. Within the microsite that it generates, you can add multiple buttons, 100% customizable, which you can link to the URL you want to drive your users to. It also allows you to add images, videos, and Instagram posts to make them clickable too. In the Analytics section, you have available data on the performance of the links.
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