What is it?

With the Team Members feature, you can grant access to one or more brands to other team members or customers by choosing from various levels of permissions. This feature is available on TEAM and Enterprise plans.

How to grant access?

To give access, you must go to the Connections dashboard - on the top-right dropdown menu -, select the brand, and then go to Team Access. Once there, all you have to do is adding the email address and choose the permissions you want to grant. If that person does not have a Metricool account, they will receive an email to create an account.

Role types

There are three levels of permissions:

Analyst: It can view analytic data, configure and generate reports. It can access Planning, SmartLinks, and Ads but this permission cannot change data. You cannot change the data of the brand that is shared either

Editor: It has the same privileges as an “Analyst” and can also program content, reply to messages from Inbox, modify data in SmartLinks and create ad campaigns in the Ads section.

Manager: It has the same privileges as an “Editor” and can also remove or add connections to the brand. You can grant or revoke access to other team members of a shared brand. You cannot delete a shared brand, but it is possible to revoke the permission. A manager can't change the account settings either, only the owner of the Premium account can do it.

In this tutorial, you can learn how to add team members in detail.
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