What is Looker Studio? (former Data Studio)

Looker Studio is a tool that turns your data into fully customizable reports and dashboards.

Our connector includes access to all brands connected with Metricool and all their associated web/blog, social media and advertising platforms. The connector is available for TEAM and Enterprise plans.

Where to find the access token and create the data source

The identifier for connecting to Looker Studio is in Connections > "Connect Account" button:

There you can copy the token and create the data source directly in Looker Studio as indicated below in this tutorial, or you can create it directly from Metricool by clicking on the button "Create data source ":

If you have already created the data source, with the "Metricool Template " button you can select our report template created for the Intelligent Connector. This way you don't have to create the report from scratch. In this video you can see how to create a new report with this template.

You can also find the token under Account Settings > Identification > Access Token.

If you prefer to create the data source directly in Looker Studio, you need to copy the token and then go to the Metricool connector: https://metricool.com/go/dsc > authorize > Choose the account to go to Metricool > Grant access to Metricool > Insert API Token. You only need to do this step once.

You have multiple options when creating a data source in Looker Studio:

Choose the brand > Intelligent connector (all the platforms are available in a single connector). Recommended choice.
Choose brand (e.g., Metricool) -> Connected network (e.g., Instagram) -> data type (e.g.,Evolution). You can repeat the process as many times as need.
Data Blend > Brands. (Beta). You can create complete reports with multiple brands simultaneously.

Resources for Looker Studio

In this link you have the list of fields available in our Looker Studio connector.
And you can find more information about this feature in this tutorial.

The Metricool Looker Studio connector is available for TEAM and Enterprise plans. Check out all our plans here.
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