What is it?

Discover when sharing content on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok (business accounts only) or Twitter is best.

Go to the Planning section after connecting your social networks. Then, click on the Best times button at the top right. After choosing the platform you want to analyze, you will see different shades of color, where a darker hue means a better time to post.

How do we get this data?

For Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, the data is provided for each platform. The account must have at least 100 followers to show this information.

For Twitter, our tool calculates it based on the activity of your community the previous week. In this case, you need approximately 300 followers to get the complete information.

Note that the calculation is based on the total number of your active followers for that time slot and not the total number of followers on your account. In addition, Facebook and Instagram tell us the most active users at a specific time, while Twitter, when your followers have been more active posting.

You can get the percentage of most active users for each time slot, if you need more precision.

Depending on the color hues (the darker, the better), you will know when there is a higher probability that your audience will see your posts. You also have the option to get the best hours data as a percentage.
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