You can add competitors to analyze their social media strategy on FREE and premium accounts for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitch.

For FREE accounts, this option works as a demo, so you can connect up to 5 accounts for each social channel. However, you won't be able to change or delete them once added (for YouTube, there are two examples of competitors' accounts by default, and there is no option to add any additional one).

For Premium accounts, you can connect up to 100 competitors per social network and you can change or delete them at any time (on YouTube you can connect up to 10 channels).

Bear in mind that on Facebook and Instagram, you can analyze competitors with business accounts but not personal profiles. It is not possible to analyze competitors on LinkedIn .

You can find the competitors option under the Evolution tab, click on competitors or scroll down to find the Competitors section.

Then click on Add:

- To add a competitor to Facebook , type the page's username manually and a list of suggestions will be shown.

- For Instagram, just add the competitor's account username and then click OK. After a few seconds it will be added to the list of competitors.

Check out this tutorial on competitor analysis with Metricool.

When competitors are connected, the data for the last two months will be automatically retrieved with the exception of the followers which can only be collected from the moment of the connection with Metricool.
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