It is possible to schedule any format on Instagram from Metricool. However, depending on the type of professional account you have and the format you want to share on Instagram, the posting process differs.


With Metricool, you can schedule and auto-post as long as your Instagram account is a business account (not a creator) and you post images or short videos (less than 1 minute) in the feed. Also, reels can be auto published.

Likewise, images and videos must meet certain requirements to automatically post successfully. You can check the specifications here

When you create the post, make sure you select "Feed Post" or "Reels" and that the auto-publish button is enabled.

Also, when you select reels, you can choose whether you want to show the reels on feed when is posted or not.

From Metricool it would not be possible to add trending music to the Reels, the video must be attached edited with the music or disable the 'autopublish' option and publish the post manually as indicated below. About the cover, you can choose it within the video, but not attach it. The option is available on the three dots icon on the thumbnail of the attached video.

Manual Posting

The publication is manual and works via notifications in these cases:

Creator account.
Videos longer than 1 minute.

When creating the content, select the type of post in the dropdown menu. If you are posting a video longer than 1 minute, select the "Feed Post " option and ensure the auto-publish button is toggled off.

Manual posting works through notifications that you can set up to receive in your email or mobile device (recommended option). This way, when it's time to post, and you click on the notification, the image/s will be downloaded to your gallery, and the text will be automatically copied to the clipboard and redirect you to the Instagram app.

Here you can configure where to receive the notification:

To set up notifications on your mobile device, you need to download our app, available on iOS and Android and log in.
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