Only professional accounts, business or creator, can be connected to Metricool (not personal profiles). If you want to check what type of Instagram account you have, go to Profile > Settings > Account from your Instagram mobile app. If your Instagram account is personal, you can switch to a professional account in this section.

If you want to connect an Instagram professional account to Metricool, your account must be correctly linked to a Facebook Page where you will grant permissions to Metricool.

If you were not able to connect your account, first you need to check if your Instagram account is properly connected to a Facebook page from your Instagram mobile app.

Select the Instagram account you want to check and go to the profile.
Click on the three horizontal lines at the top right.
Click Settings > Account > Share with other apps.
Make sure a Facebook Page is linked to Instagram (not a personal Facebook profile).

Then, you need to check that the Facebook page is also linked to Instagram, but this time from Facebook. From the Facebook Page, go to Settings > Instagram (for "Facebook new page experience", you can find this option in Settings > Linked accounts > Instagram):

If you still can't connect Instagram after reviewing that the accounts are properly linked to each other, then you need to renew the permissions granted to Metricool by following these steps:

Click here.
Find the Metricool app in the list and delete it.
Go back to Metricool, and disconnect the Facebook page from Metricool's Connection panel.
Then, reconnect the Facebook page and accept all permissions. The Instagram account should automatically connect to Metricool.

If you haven't been able to connect your Instagram account with your Facebook page successfully or you got an error message from Facebook when you try to change the settings, you can try the following:

Clear the Instagram app cache from the mobile device or directly uninstall and reinstall the app, then try to link the accounts again.
Repeat the process with a different Facebook admin profile. If it doesn't work, try with another mobile device.
If you use a Facebook Business Manager, check that both the page and Instagram account are added and that you have an admin role there as well.
If that doesn't work either, then you can create a new fanpage, even if it's unpublished (hidden), and link it to that. It doesn't affect metrics.
If you still can't connect it, the recommendation is to try again later by trying the above again.

Remember that the Instagram account must be linked to a Facebook page and not a personal profile.
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