You can connect one social profile of each of the following social media and ad platforms to each brand:

A web/blog
A Facebook page or group.
A professional Instagram account: Business or creator
A Twitter account.
A LinkedIn company page or personal profile (not available on Free plans).
A Pinterest account.
A TikTok account.
A Google My Business location.
A YouTube Channel.
A Twitch channel.
A Facebook Ads account.
A Google Ads account.
A TikTok Ads account.

Web connection

To connect your website or blog to Metricool, you must install our tracking code on your website. Learn how to do it in this tutorial.


To connect a Facebook page, you must first check that your personal profile have an admin role on the Facebook Page you want to connect. This information is available under 'Manage Page' > 'Settings' > 'Page Roles'. You can't connect your Facebook Page to Metricool with a different role.

Once you are an admin of the Facebook Page, go back to Metricool and access the Connections dashboard: top-right drop-down menu > Connections, and click on 'Connect page'. A new window from Facebook will open where you can accept the permissions. Once accepted, a list of all the pages you manage will display so you can select which one to connect to Metricool.

As for Facebook groups, you can only connect groups you manage. If you only belong to a group, the connection is not possible. You must click on 'Connect group' and choose the one you want to connect from the list of groups you manage. If the group does not appear in the list or does not load correctly, please check out this tutorial.


Only professional accounts, business or creator, can be connected to Metricool (not personal profiles). Also, the Instagram account must be linked to a Facebook page where all permissions for Instagram are granted. If everything is correct, when you connect the fanpage, the professional Instagram account will automatically connect to Metricool . If it doesn't, please check out this tutorial on how to do it.

Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, Twitch and TikTok Ads

You need the account login credentials to connect these platforms, as there are no administrator permissions in this case.

If you are already logged into the accounts in your browser, it will automatically connect to that account. If you want to connect a different profile, open a new tab in the browser, log out from the account, log in again with the account you want to connect, and try the connection from Metricool again.


You can connect either a LinkedIn personal profile or a company page. Make sure you have admin permissions. We explain how to do it here.

Google Business Profile

Your email account needs permissions to connect to Metricool successfully. You can easily check in the Google Business Profile Dashboard, under Users. Any type of role is valid to make the connection to Metricool. Remember that it is crucial that you accept all permissions. Be rest assured that Metricool only uses these permissions to connect the Google Business Profile listing, collect analytics and publish when you use the planning tool.

If you have more than one location , you will need to connect each location to a different Metricool brand.


You need permissions on the YouTube channel to connect your account to Metricool. Having permissions on YouTube Studio would not be enough. You can check if you are an administrator within the settings section in the YouTube channel.

Facebook Ads & Google Ads

You need to have an admin role to connect both ad platforms successfully. In particular, for the Facebook Ads account, bear in mind that the the permissions of the Facebook page and the Facebook Ads platform are different. If you want to connect Facebook Ads, ensure that the admin who has connected the Facebook page to Metricool, is also the administrator of the Ads account.

Data Studio

Data Studio is a tool to create customizable complete reports. You can find more information here.

You need to accept all permissions to ensure the tool works properly.
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