Programming by account type

You can schedule your TikTok videos from Metricool, both for personal and professional accounts . However, only TikTok professional accounts can post automatically from Metricool. Personal accounts need to publish manually.

For personal TikTok accounts, the manual posting process works as follows: Metricool will send you a notification to your phone (recommended) or email that will take you to the TikTok app. The video will be saved in your phone's gallery and the text in the clipboard. The video final touches and posting will be done directly from the TikTok app.

Steps to schedule your TikTok video

Access our Planning tab
Click on "+ Create New Post"
Select TikTok
Upload the video. These are the requirements :

Size less than or equal to 500MB
Duration between 3 to 60 seconds for automatic publication, 1 to 10 minutes with manual publication.
MP4 and MOV format
Resolution greater than 540p

Once you upload the video and add the text (add mentions with the @ symbol or hashtags), select the date and time to post. At that moment, a message will display explaining the publication process. If you don't want to see the message every time you schedule a video, you can click on the "x".

Hit the Save button.

Steps to publish your TikTok video with manual publishing

When it's time to post, you will receive a notification from Metricool to finish the publication process. Remember to activate the notifications on your mobile device to make the process easier.

When clicking on the Metricool notification or accessing the app, you will see a preview of the post and a button to access TikTok .

If you tap "Post", you will be redirected to the TikTok app. Then click on create video and add the video saved in your phone's gallery. (please, note that if you receive it in your email you will have to save the video manually)

Finally, add effects, sounds, add a cover or any other change . You will find the text in the clipboard, so you will only have to "paste" it in the "Text" option.
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