Website Connection

You need to install our Metricool tracking code to collect the data from your website or blog.

The tracking code for each brand can be obtained in the Connections dashboard - top-right drop-down menu - and then, click on Connect Web

When you click on this button, you will find three options depending on the type of website you want to install it on:

Option 1: WordPress

You must follow these steps:

Install the official Metricool plugin. You can download it from the following link or get it from the Plugin section of your WordPress site.

Navigate to Settings -> Metricool and insert your unique tracking ID that you find on Metricool.

Option 2: JavaScript tracking code

This is the option for Blogger, Prestashop, Wix, etc. In this tutorial, you can find more information on how to integrate it.

Option 3: Tracking pixel without Javascript.

This is the option you need to use for Bear in mind that in this case, Metricool won't be able to collect some stats from your blog.

Blog Connection

When you connect the website, if the blog has an RSS Feed configured, Metricool will automatically detect it and a new box will appear with the blog connection and the feed URL underneath.

In case it does not connect automatically or the feed is not configured at that moment, it can be done manually from the connections panel.

If you need to disconnect a website, then you must remove our tracking code from that website.

If you want to monitor another site, you can use the same code for the new site. Please note that the data history of the disconnected website will not be deleted. Also, it is normal that for a couple of days some data will still be collected from the disconnected website.

In this tutorial, you can see the different options for integrating Metricool's tracking code into your website: WordPress, Shopify, Joomla, Google Tag Manager and Wix.
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