With Metricool you can auto-publish your posts as long as your Instagram account is Business (not Creator).

To have your post automatically published, you can only publish it in the normal feed, except for videos longer than one minute. In addition, there are other requirements regarding the image and the videos format that we indicate in this article.

To publish stories and reels, Metricool also allows you to schedule the content in the calendar and organize and optimize your publication strategy from the computer according to the best hours. When it is time to publish, it sends the image and the text to your mobile phone through a notification that downloads the image and automatically copies the text to the clipboard so that you only need to publish in the Instagram app. To plan this type of post, you must add the photos or video and select the type of post from the selector above:

For videos longer than one minute you must select the "Feed Post" option and toggle the Auto publish button off:

Here you can set up where to receive the notification:

In the event that any of Instagram's requirements for images or videos are not met, a notification will also be sent with a reminder to publish on the phone or via email, depending on how you have configured it. In both cases, the post will remain in "Sent" status in the planning calendar.

At the moment, it is not possible to tag products for Instagram Shopping from Metricool.

As for the autolists for Instagram, they will start to be published in automatic mode and only in case of failure due to not meeting the requirements, a push notification or email will be sent to proceed with the manual publication, and the post would remain in Sent status.

In this tutorial you have all the information about how to publish on Instagram.
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