These are the most frequently consulted metrics:


Average Reach/Post: Average number of people who have been reached with our posts. Reach refers to unique people, so if one post has been viewed for the same person twice, the reach will be one but it will count as two impressions. On Instagram, the Average reach/day is the average of the reach generated by the profile (including all posts), and the Average reach/post only refers to posts. You can calculate the total reach by adding the reach of all the posts or by multiplying the average reach by the posts published in the period. Remember that the total reach can appear distorted if the same person has viewed multiple posts as it won't be unique.

Impressions: total number of times our posts have been displayed. Impressions are about posts, so the same account can show more than one post to the same user, It will count as 1 people reached and 1, 2 or more Impressions. On Instagram, the Impressions in the Profile section includes the Impressions generated by the profile (including all posts), and the Impressions in the Posts section is only for posts.

Comparison data: the percentage displayed under some metrics is the comparison with the previous period. For example, if you select a week as the time range, it will be compared with the previous 7 days. You must consider that some months have 31 days and others 30 days, so if you select a month with 30 days it will compare with the previous 30 days, not with the full previous month. For example, if you select April it will compare with the last 30 days of march, as April has 30 days and March, 31. Reports work differently, as in the reports, the data compares with full previous months.

Conversions: this is the number of conversions achieved by each campaign (the conversion is set by the Facebook pixel settings). In the' Campaign List' Columns button you can see all the metrics available for your campaigns. The attribution window we use is 7-day click (default for most campaigns), if you choose another model within Facebook Ads insights there will be differences in the purchase data and conversion value.

Reels: for the moment, Instagram does not provide us with the details of the Reels. As soon as they do, we will inform you by email and social networks.

You can discover the definition of all our metrics in this guide
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